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A picture of contemporary Rome from the eyes of a feminist art academy student, a graffiti artist and a lost kid from the outskirts.

The art world and the streets of the eternal city are the real protagonists of this contemporary tale of a disbanded, navel-gazing youth.

Fronn’ ‘e Limon’

Joy is something that comes natural to Sonia, a lively lemon-picker from Positano, that flirt and dances with the winds.

She brings her stubborn spirit and wonder to the battle for environmental conservation of her beautiful land, joining the Anarchist Friends.

Vince chi Dimentica

On a car ride a question was asked, and no reply was given. This mysterious episode from the past that hunts Eva, director of the Modern Art Gallery in Rome, and Marcello, aviator and national hero.

Ambition is the propeller for this tormented passion which unfolds between war-torn Italy. It’s the story of two lovers who desperately try to forget each other, in order to fulfill their personal destinies. But is this even possible?


Ninjutsu master and metalhead Kade sucks for utopias. So he founds the School of the 8th hill, a greek gymnasium/dojo of sorts, where the body, the mind and the spirit could be cultivated at once.

But when responsibilities (and crazy ex girlfriends) hit, Kade found himself frailer that he expected. Perhaps his pupil Andreas can help him battle his demons – even if it  means bringing her all the way back to Japan.