Eva Herself

“We were running in a car, he asked me a question”
“What did he ask you?”

Life goes on, but she still loves him.

It wasn’t opposite political viewpoints, dire circumstances or destiny – something she never believed in. The truth is that Eva didn’t feel loved the way she wanted to. With total, absolute devotion.

So she left in the name of her sovereign independence.

She became the director of the Modern Art Gallery in Rome, a powerful and dramatic amazon. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted everything, everything was due to her youth. She wanted to win.

And here the one who wins is the one who forgets.


Virgin of the Rocks, Virgin of the Sand

1920. Two teenagers, Eva and Marcello, growing up in two separate town in Southern Italy, share a common desire: they dream of glory and greatness, despite their humble origins.

Eva moves away from the anarchist commune where she grew up, to discover art in the streets and churches of her city Catania.

On the other hand, Marcello secretly builds his own airplane in a cave by the sea in Sorrento. Destiny will bring them together when Eva, who will then become director of the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, meets the aviator-aesthete Marcello already known as "national hero."