Fronn' 'e Limon'


It’s summertime in Positano, South of Italy.

The Sirocco wind transforms reality into a beautiful dream.A group of rebels is organizing a plan to free the Sirenai Islands from unscrupulous business men who are destroying the environment.

In the nearby town of Sorrento, Fronn, a lively lemon-picker from Positano, flirts and dances with the wind.

The Sirocco takes a human form to visit her, becoming her passionate, unreliable lover.

Joy is something that comes natural to Fronn, and she brings her wonder and stubborn spirit to the battle for environmental conservation of her beautiful land.

Fronn' extra pages

From the fresh and ultra-colourful pages, positano and li galli islands jump off the page in all their splendour



Fronn' 'e Limon'


Non è semplice per la giovane Fronn’ un vento, specialmente se questo è il Maestrale, potente e irruento.

Se poi l’apparente pace estiva viene movimentata da un blitz anarchico guidato da una ninja romana, la domanda diventa: cos’è che deve morire perché qualcos’altro possa nascere?

With Fronn’ Maestrale we can observe Naima’s incredible stylistic evolution – she used to draw characters, now she paints their essence



FRONN’ ‘E LIMON Maestrale comes out in 2021!

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