I'm Red Naima, I make comic books

To sing out the light and joy of my native Sorrento, I created Fronn’ ‘e Limon, the love affair of a lemon picker with the Mediterrenean sea, nature and the wind.

Out of the ambition, determination and passion for the arts that brought me to Rome, the graphic novel VINCE CHI DIMENTICA was born.

Discipline has always fascinated me. From my own practice of yoga and martial arts I created EVENFLOW, a series where a group of roman ninja sought to find wisdom.

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The comic artist who fled Syria and found himself

Syrian comic book writer Hamid Sulaiman says that there are two questions that he is always asked and that he still has a hard time answering. The first is what he does for a living. Usually he goes with “graphic novelist” or “painter”. The second is where he lives. “I have two homes,” he says, “and I don’t sleep in any of…

Interview with Takoua Ben Mohamed

“I don’t actually read that many comic books,” laughs Takoua Ben Mohamed. “And I have never set foot in a comic book fair.” Don’t mistake what she says for a snooty, “I don’t read comic books, I only make them.” Make what you’d like to see in the world, they say. More broadly, make something that embodies what you want…

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