The book is here! Out on Amazon Virgin of the Rocks, Virgin of the Sand

Dear Ones,

I’m so thrilled and excited to announce that my NEW comic book is finally out!

It’s a new chapter of the “Desire for Victory” series called “Virgin of the Rocks, Virgin of the Sand” (in Italian “Vergine delle Rocce, Vergine della Rena”).

As you know I have been working on the entire project since March of this year, and it feels amazing to finally hold the actual physical book in my hands! It’s my favourite work so far, I hope you’ll like it too!

It’s a prelude to “Eva Herself” (in Italian “Vince Chi Dimentica: Eva Proprio Lei”), and narrates the teenage years of Modern Art Gallery Director Eva Corà and aviator Marcello Sartorio.

Below the Amazon links to the books and a synopsis:


Desire for Victory #0
Virgin of the Rocks, Virgin of the Sand

Vince chi Dimentica #0
Vergine delle Rocce, Vergine della Rena

Eva e Marcello, due adolescenti degli anni ’20 del ‘900 crescono rispettivamente a Catania e Sorrento, sognando gloria e grandezza nonostante le umili origini. Mentre Eva si allontana dalla comune anarchica dove è cresciuta per scoprire l’arte nelle vie e nelle chiese della sua città, Marcello costruisce il proprio aereoplano in gran segreto, in una grotta in riva al mare. Sarà il destino a farli incontrare, quando lei, ormai direttrice della Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Roma, si innamorerà dell’aviatore esteta già conosciuto come “l’eroe nazionale.”

1920. Two teenagers, Eva and Marcello, growing up in two separate town in Southern Italy, share a common desire: they dream of glory and greatness, despite their humble origins. Eva moves away from the anarchist commune where she grew up, to discover art in the streets and churches of her city Catania. On the other hand, Marcello secretly builds his own airplane in a cave by the sea in Sorrento. Destiny will bring them together when Eva, who will then become director of the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, meets the aviator-aesthete Marcello already known as “national hero.”

Click here for a preview of “Virgin of the Rocks” on my website

The whole of Red Naima publications are slowly growing and that makes me so proud! We had our first publication in August 2019, and the “Fronn ‘e Limon” and “Tufo” books came out during the Italian lockdown, getting lovely messages from readers.

Below all the publications of Red Naima so far (in their English and Italian translation, except for Tufo that is only available in Italian for now).

Just seeing the different colour combination of the covers next to each other fascinates me, and I can’t wait to publish more work – even just for having more colourful covers next to each other (truth to be told, this is the same reason why I buy Adelphi book that I don’t even read, or Clipper Teas I don’t even drink… )

But I’m curious to hearing from you, what’s your favourite cover?

What’s coming next? In 2021 I will edit and publish the first episode of my martial art series “Evenflow”. I have also started working on volume 3 of the Desire for Victory series, that I’m planning for September 2021. More updates on my Instagram.