I can draw it for you!


From your favourite picture of yourself doing yoga to your evil cat. From a portrait of your friend’s dressed as a ninja, to the landscape you use to see as a kid… believe me if I say that over the years I have drawn it all
Email me your commission request at info@rednaima.com


How much does it costs?

It depends on the request, I’m always open to discuss… in the meantime here’s a tentative chart:

Postcard special: 29 €
A4 (210 x 297 mm – 8.3 x 11.7 in) Pencil: 39 €
A4 Ink: 49 €
A4 Watercolors: 59 €
A4 Watercolours + Ink: 69 €

Please fill the form below with your specific request to get a tailor made quote for you, or send an email to info@rednaima.com

I have a photograph (or a reference) that I’d like you to use

Please send your picture to info@rednaima.com or use the form below

Do you do family portraits?

Of course. Here is an example:

If you want something like this, or you have something else in mind, please tell me in an email to info@rednaima.com


Can you paint my dog/cat/pet comodo dragon?

I have never painted a Comodo Dragons before but I’m up to the challenge. Here are some other pets I have painted:


Do you do landscapes?

I do and love them. Attach a photograph of the landscape you’d like me to paint to your email at info@rednaima.com and I see what I can do!

Do you draw superheroes or other authors’ characters?

If I like the character, why not? I grew up on superheroes and punk rock. Email me at info@rednaima.com and please tell me what you have in mind!

What is a postcard special?

It’s a watercolour made on a little postcard made on special Fabriano paper which gets send (protected by a little bag of course) straight in your mail inbox. I’d love to send one of these to you.

Email me your postal address and the subject you’d like me to draw at info@rednaima.com

Check my instagram story to see what I’m talking about: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18015898426174356/?hl=en

How do I get my piece?

It will be personally shipped from me to you. Please send an email to info@rednaima.com with your mailing address, along with the request for a specific work


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