out on amazon the English Translation of my comics

I’m so glad, and happy, and excited, and blessed out to announce that finally both my comics Fronn ‘e Limon and Desire for Victory (Vince Chi Dimentica) have been published in English!

*little dance (speakers on)*

As always, you can find them on Amazon:

  Fronn ‘e Limon – Sirocco

Desire for Victory – Eva Herself

I’m so happy as I’m holding the covers of my books and see the next to each other. It’s because I get this feeling my stories that have been long shared only among friends can now go out into the world!

Also, I love the design of the covers. Here the Italian and the English version next to each other:

This publication is basically my Easter egg for me, and maybe you can find it interesting too.

Also I’m also very happy because I learned that from the 13 April bookshops and paper shops will re-open in Italy, and things will slowly start moving again. More paper, more comics to draw!

And now I’m curious… how would you spend this very particular Easter?

Yearning-Yellow and Mega-Magenta Thunders of Joy coming your way!

Yours Truly Red